Saturday, February 28, 2009

Extraordinary Chanel

I've decided to stop talking about the black hole to fashion, which is celebrity designers, and get back to the true art that is fashion: couture. Karl Lagerfeld's collection for the House of Chanel is truly beautiful. In the beginning, I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed with the same white suits coming down the runway for the majority of the show. Even though Karl said he wanted to bring simplicity to fashion because of the economic crisis, I personally think couture is the only arena where designers can go over the top. Their customers are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to stand out from the crowd, but the first few outfits blended in with the crowd. However, as the show went on and the clothes switched from white to a white blue and criss-cross black and white, the true artistry that Lagerfeld can produce was shown. I love the layered look he presented with the clothes, the cropped jackets and tops that were in the collection. His final bridal dress in the end I believe I saw in last season's except it was in silver, but was pretty much the exact same outfit. I know how much Karl loves his job, but if he can't do it anymore he should retire like Valentino. To watch the full runway show, click here and here.

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