Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was really impressed with Elie Saab's latest couture collection for Spring/Summer 2009. Even though he kept all of the romance and glamour that is his signature look, he toned it back a little bit. It was still couture because it was artistic, but there was a certain refinement and elegance that was not there before. In the beginning of his career, Saab would put every design on a dress that he could think of making some of his creations look like a costume. If his latest collection is anything to go by, Saab is catering to a more Princess Grace type clientele, rather than Beyonce. He kept with the tradition of light pastel colours, yet used a lot of lace and ruffles that brought a romantic feel to the clothes. I especially loved all of his ball gowns in the end that were beyond Oscar worthy. I also loved the wedding dress that he showed in the end because it wasn't the typical white dress other designers use, instead it was a champagne colour. I love the fact that the fashion industry has people like Elie Saab who can continue the craft of couture for many years to come as the older craftsman are starting to retire. To watch the full runway show click here and here

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