Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gucci Pyschodelic Trip

Freida Giannini collection for Gucci's men's spring/summer 2009 was pretty much her worst yet. Freida's collection for women's wear spring/summer 2008 was crucified by many critics for her lack of direction when it came to the theme of the clothes. It seems that she hasn't learned from her mistakes because this collection was un-cohesive. First we start off with 1960's Italy with all the patterns and straight lines, then we move into the 1970's very rock and roll, almost Jim Morrison type feel. Then we somehow we go Native American with lots of fringe and dream catcher type of accessories. Then we finally end off in the 1980's Michael Jackson, Thriller inspired, leather jacket. This woman is trying so hard to be rock and cool that it is looking desperate. All the skulls and tattoo inspired clothes looked like a knock off of Ed Hardy. I said it once, and I'll say it again, it is time for Freida to leave and Tom Ford to come back. No man would wear these clothes, especially the girly looking floral pants. Watch the run way show and tell me if any of you think anything different.


  1. I like the video.. produce more post please.. i like the mens suits concept!