Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dear Dior

In continuation with our Couture Week theme, we arrive at the legendary house of Christian Dior. What I love about John Galliano is that he is one of the few true couture masters. In my mind, when I think about couture, I imagine outfits that are theatrical but not costume, whimsical but not outlandish. This is the only time when designers can let loose and create more pieces of art than clothes. With Galliano, he produces a masterpiece of a couture collection with every single season, and this one was no different. I absolutely love his use of colours and over-the-top makeup to emphasize the theme. I also love how he takes the summer's trends of volumed skirts and sleeves to the nth degree. It's almost as if the collection was dynasty-inspired but on acid. With all the beading and designs on these dresses, it's no wonder that they cost so much money to make. The only criticism I would have for Galliano's creations is that some of the bubble skirts made the models look heavy and most of these models probably weigh less than infants so on a regular woman, it would be a hard look to pull off. And his princess-like dresses at the end would be hard to get through doorways, let alone sit. But I guess that's the whole point of couture. It's supposed to be over the top clothing that is completely unpractical and most of the time uncomfortable. To watch the full runway show, click here and here.

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