Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coco Would Be Proud

Chanel has to be one of my favourite labels in the world, and Karl Lagerfeld has to be one of my favourite designers. With every season, whether it be Couture or ready-to-wear, Lagerfeld always manages to stay true to Coco's vision, but make it modern at the same time. For his Spring/Summer 09 collection, he stayed with the black and white trend but made it unique and sophisticated. The patterns for the tweed suits looked almost futuristic and I loved the fact that tweed patterns had a mix of black and white intertwined rather than two separate pieces. I also loved the cropped jackets and the chains that came off the sides of some of the outfits mixed with the cut-out gloves which gave the clothes a rock-n-roll feel. Then on the other side, there was this lady-like, romantic look with lots of pink and fuzzy balls on the back of shoes. I just completely fell in love with all the day wear that Lagerfeld produced for this collection. The evening dresses however, I was not impressed with. First of all, there were these weird, plastic looking dresses that looked only appropriate to wear at a rubber fetish club. Then there was the ruffled, full skirts that looked almost country-western inspired, that just left a lot to be desired. Then again, Lagerfeld always said that he liked to focus more on the day wear for his ready-to-wear collection and leave the outstanding evening dresses for Couture. To watch this fabulous collection on YouTube, click here and here. Or if you wish to watch it on the Chanel website, click here.

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