Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Red Carpet Weekend -- The Five Best and Worst Dressed Women

The awards season is well underway in show business, and during the weekend we had two of the major awards for both film and music that took place. On Saturday, we had the BAFTAs which is the British equivalent to the Oscars. Then on Sunday, we had the Grammy's which is the highlight of the music calendar. Needless to say that in both award shows, the women and their clothes came out in full force. I shall now critique who I think are the five best and worst dressed women (because who cares about men in their boring suits) of the weekend.

Kicking off the list for best dressed is one of my favourite singers, the oh-so-talented Sheryl Crow. Sheryl wore this blue off-the-shoulder dress to the Grammy's that just looked perfect on her. The shiny blue and sometimes purplish colour would look strange on any other person, but since Sheryl has such a kooky and hippie personality, it works on her. She's the type of person that picks outfits that reflect who she is and not just something that might look pretty in the next day's papers. continue reading further

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