Friday, February 6, 2009

Nights in Rodarte

Kate and Laura Mulleavy founded Rodarte 3 years ago and, since then, have taken the fashion world by storm. These two sisters are not the type of people you would think would be designers just by looking at them. In an industry that is as superficial as fashion, the way a designer looks is as or more important as the clothes they create. This has led to Lagerfeld and Jacobs losing weight to fit the physical ideal of what a designer should look like. Aside from Kate and Laura's appearance, they make incredible clothes. For their Summer 09 collection, the girls stayed true to their goth-rock motifs when creating the clothes. Apparently, the structure of many of the outfits were based on the skeletal frame of the human body. I love the fact that these sisters are not afraid to push the boundaries of fabric and colour to make some really avant garde, borderline couture-type look. They have to be the edgiest designers to come out of New York since Marc Jacobs. Whether they start a whole fashion movement like Jacobs did with grunge, however, remains to be seen. The only criticism I would have for the Mulleavy sisters is that their Spring/Summer 09 collection looked awfully similar to their Fall/Winter 08 collection. Other than that, I loved it. To watch the full runway show, click here and here.

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