Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fake it Like Beckham

A couple of days ago I vented on my frustration with the abundance of celebrity designers and took my frustration out on Justin Timberlake in particular. Tonight I decided to give Justin the night off and focus my attention on another "designer". Victoria Beckham is one of those phenomenons because she is so famous, yet she doesn't do anything. She is basically an older Paris Hilton. Many say the reason she is constantly in the press is because she is married to the "talented" soccer player, David Beckham. I would believe this theory if it wasn't for the fact that when Pele (the greatest soccer player of all time) still played soccer no one knew or cared who he was married to. For her second collection as well as her first, Victoria has received praise from the fashion community for creating a "great collection". The only reason that Victoria went into fashion was because she has no talent or drive to be successful in either music or acting. To her, fashion was the only arena where someone can do all the work, yet she receives all the praise. In fact there is this rumour that after her first collection many of her clothes resembled the work of her friend and talented designer Roland Mouret because some of her cocktail dresses looked quite similar to his infamous galaxy dress. Even her former design partners at Rock and Republic said that she did not put any effort into designing her jeans for the company. For the sake of this article I am going to critique her Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2009 collections. Her first season was basically the same dress with the same silhouette but in different colours. The new collection seems like the same outfits as before except longer and different colours. For instance, this cocktail dress from Spring/Summer looks exactly the same, to me at least as this ballgown from Fall/Winter. I am not saying that any of these clothes are bad, far from that, they are actually really beautiful but that is not the point. The point is that they are not fashion because they are not unique or artistic. One thing I find absolutely hilarious is that Victoria is adamant that she creates clothes that she would wear and "are her style". She even said after her show that
"Every single dress I would wear myself."

I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that she would wear any of the evening dresses from the collection. Not that they aren't beautiful, but they are too covered up for her overtly sexual style. Another reason I find it hard to believe that she created this collection is because her design studio is in London, England and she resides and spends 90% of her time in the United States. These clothes would be great if they were made for a retail company but Victoria does not have the expertise or the credentials to produce a high fashion collection. Even though she uses high quality fabric it is still not worth the $1500+ price tag that she is commanding for these clothes. To charge those prices are a privilege, not a a right.

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