Saturday, February 7, 2009

De la Renta Pulls in Another Knockout

Oscar de la Renta has to be one of the legendary people in fashion. He is the king of New York sophistication and glamour. For his Spring/Summer 09 collection, Oscar stayed with the trend of the season of mostly black,white and nude colours. However, his collection still had that rich and jet-set looked to it which is completely different from the understated look the other designers have created. I absolutely loved the shredded tops and the volume filled skirts. The stand out garment for me was the white crisp trousers that were so bright, it practically hurt your eyes. Another theme in his collection was the fact that ther was these large, almost corset liked belts, and the return of the chunky necklace and bracelet look. The purses and the shoes were absolutely fantastic. Especially the shoes because even though there were heels, they weren't the vertically challenging heels that other designers have produced. Basically these are the type of shoes where you can look sexy but you won't be dieing by the end of the night. When watching the evening dresses come down the runway at the end, it is little wonder why they call him "the king of glamour." My favourite dress had to have been the black lace dress that looked sexy but yet elegant. There is not one bad thing I'd say about this collection. To watch the full runway show, click here.

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