Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Versace Woman

For the summer of '09, designer Donatella decided to keep it minimal. It is refreshing, in my opinion, to see a little bit more of a conservative sexy to come from the house of Versace. They've always been known for their flesh-baring, tight garments that left little to the imagination. The colours, for the most part, are also very basic with blacks, whites, and pastels. The dresses in the end, however, had an array of colours that were just beautiful. I especially loved the last few dresses that were very flowy and tent-like. The structure and tailoring were very well done and I liked the fact that Donatella created an hour glass figure by creating a bubble area around the hips. All of the little details such as the cut-outs and heart-shaped pieces on the outfits gave it a distinctive summer, romantic feel. The only criticism I would give is the fact that some of the outfits had a metallic feel to them. I personally believe that the metallic trend has been played to death and that it needs to go away for a few years. All in all, it was a nice collection from the house of Versace. Watch the runway show here:

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