Sunday, January 18, 2009

At #8,

Victoria Beckham, also known as Katie Holmes' bestest 'frenemy', was Mr. Blackwell's #1 choice for worst dressed last year. Even though she wasn't the most horrific celebrity of 2008, she definitely wasn't the best. Victoria's problem is that she suffers from extreme delusions. In her mind, she sees this young sexpot who is still a Spice Girl circa 1990's. But what the rest of the world sees is an anorexic, mid-30's, mother of 3, who at certain angles is a dead ringer for Cruella De Ville. With all the tight dresses that she wears, it's no wonder she's so skinny because food cannot physically travel down her esophagus. If she wishes to be this generations Audrey Hepburn, then she really has to tone down the high-class hooker look.

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