Sunday, January 25, 2009

J'adore Dior

John Galliano has produced another fantastic collection for the house of Christian Dior! His Spring/Summer 09 collection for the house is very similar to his couture collection for Fall/Winter, except with a lot more vibrant colours. There was no tent dress in sight. Even though a lot of the skirts and dresses were made of flowy chiffon and lace, there was also a lot of corsetted and belted tops. The obvious sentiment that Galliano was trying to portray was that of sex, sex and more sex. It was quite interesting coming from a very edgy designer and at certain times, it felt like he was channeling Gianni Versace as inspiration for the collection. The accessories were lovely, but I must warn you about the shoes, which were so high that professional models had trouble walking in them! So tread carefully. Even though I loved this collection, I must admit that most of the clothes seemed better suited to young, tall, slender girls. For those of you that do not fit in this category, maybe the accessories are better suited. If you wish to watch the full runway show, click here and here.

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