Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Armani Summer

Georgio Armani's collection for Summer of '09 was very much about comfort. Long gone are the corsets and tight dresses. Instead, there was a lot of tent dresses and Aladdin-type pants. Now the Aladdin pants and tent dresses can only work on a tall slender person, but Armani's loose slacks and flowy skirts with the tailored jackets would work on any size. The colours were the same as the other collections: black, white and pastels. You can tell that fashion has decided to go to more of a sombre minimalist type elegance for Summer of '09. I don't know if it's the economy or if it's just a trend, but it does resemble (strictly by the colour choices) more of a fall/winter type look to it. I especially love the oversize purses at Armani and the minimalist jewelry that he sent down the runway. All in all, it was a very elegant and beautiful collection by Armani. If you wish to watch the runway show, click here


  1. I love this new style! Armani is a genious for introducing a baggier look which could look good on any size as ofcourse, everyone complains that certain styles are not for their shape. My favourite part of the collection would have to be the oversized bags! They are perfect for a day out shopping or for lunch, as they are able to fit anything you could possibly image, and they are so cute! As well, these colours are perfect as black and white look good on everyone!!

  2. Although I love comfortable clothes, the Aladdin-style pants that Armani had in his collection looked a bit costume-y. And even though black and white are always chic, summer is the time when you want bright, vibrant colours because it is the only time of year that you can wear them without looking stupid.