Saturday, January 24, 2009

The End of an Era

The Emilio Pucci's Spring/Summer 2009 collection was the last that Matthew Williamson will do for the famous Italian house. What I love about the Pucci collection is the fact that it is bright and colourful all the time. For the summer of 2009 we have seen nothing but somber and quite frankly dull collections from other designers. The house of Pucci stays true to its vibrant geometric prints. This is the first collection that truely looked like a summer collection. In his own way Williamson is saying forget about the recession. Other trends that were prevalent in the collection were that of dresses and tailored suits. There were also a lot of oversized bags and bulky accessories such as belts. The standout in the collection for me were the shoes. Even though they had metallic colours (ugh, metallics are truely back) I loved the way that they were above ankle and yet had a cut-out for the toes as if a new approach to the open toe shoe. I also loved the cut-outs that some of the outfits had that brought a certain sex appeal to the dresses. So far my favourite collection has to be Pucci and hopefully the designer who takes over from Williamson will be just as good. To watch the full runway show click here and here.

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