Friday, January 30, 2009

Howdy Partner

For Spring/Summer 09, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to do a Wild West theme for the House of Hermes. Personally, I'm not a fan of fringes and cowboy hats because I think they look tacky on anybody who isn't a cowboy. Especially fringes -- they are as bad as corduroy. The whole collection wasn't bad though. For me, I personally liked all the shirt dresses that they had, and in the end, they had very colourful, striped outfits. I especially loved all of the leather and suede pieces that came down the runway. But let's be honest. Hermes is not known for their clothes. They are known for their accessories, and when it came to this collection, Gaultier did not disappoint. I loved the suitcase looking bags that they had. I especially loved the crocodile Birkin bag. The belts and the shoes were understatedly stylish and not the exaggerated styles that we've seen from other collections. When it comes to this upcoming season, I would probably stick to more of the accessories -- except the cowboy hat. To watch the full show, click here.

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