Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vibrancy in the House of Ferragamo

The House of Ferragamo produced a very sheek collection. The tailoring was absolutely fantastic and there was a variety of colours to choose from. I loved the fact that they used a lot of peach and salmon with the normal beige and whites. I also loved the fact that they had ruffles on a few of their tops and a tie-dye type feel to the shirts. I also loved the fact that there were a few jumpers in the collection, which many designers are afraid to attempt in their mens' collection. Most importantly, I loved the fact that it was very tropical and would fit nicely with any female collection that came down the runway last year. These were outfits you could definitely go out to the office with and then out to dinner with. The one thing that I did not like about this collection was the fact that one of the models had a clutch purse. Anyone who reads this site knows how much I hate mens purses and astonish the fact that every designer seems to think that men would want such a feminine item. But this is the first time I've ever seen any fashion house be bold enough to make a clutch! Even the model that was sent with the purse didn't know how to hold up and ended up putting it under his armpit. He looked uncomfortable and just plain odd. I know that accessories are a huge part of the Ferragamo brand. In fact, Salvatore himself started his fashion house with shoes. But a male clutch is just ridiculous and not needed. Watch the runway show for yourself and tell me what you think about this certain accessory.


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